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Our Products

At WireFrameRate, our goal is to enable mobile-first workflows for your business. We do not rely on advertising, collecting user personal information, or selling data. We create value by building solutions to help your business succeed. Our initial line of products, WebFrame, will allow you to create a single-purpose kiosk with an iOS device that can display web content, multimedia, and more. WebFrame can be configured and managed locally through the native iOS Settings app. WebFrame Pro will provide the same functionality as WebFrame, but can be deployed and managed remotely through the most popular MDM products on the market (including JAMF, Microsoft Intune, VMWare Workspace, MobileIron, and more). WebFrame Enterprise will provide even more advanced options to tailor the experience to your unique business needs.


Our Services

In addition to our products available from the App Store, we provide custom development services to create tailored versions of WebFrame Enterprise specific to your business. We also offer consulting services for Product Management, UI/UX Design, as well as Design Sprint, and Design Thinking workshops facilitation. Please contact us for inquiries.