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Hello from WireFrameRate! It’s been a while since we provided an update, so we would like to announce WebFrame and WebFrame Pro version 1.6.0 and let you know what we’ve been up to.

For most of the early Spring, we were busy adding features to support our designer-customers to provide a great experience for demonstrating prototypes in InVision, Figma, Marvel, and more.

We spent the last couple months performing Spring cleaning. As a result, we have:

  • Reduced app bundle size by over 25%. This is especially useful for WebFrame Pro customers that are deploying and managing across their business.

  • Optimized memory and processor usage to provide improved performance.

  • Updated setting labels to be more clear and more concise. This is particularly important on iPhone where there is less room for setting labels.

Not everything has been under the hood. We have also added new features in the latest release:

  • Support for hardware keyboard shortcuts for reload, home, forward, back, and print. Hold Command key for list of available options.

  • Added support for Voice Over accessibility.

  • In WebFrame Pro, we have added a custom URL scheme to enable launching sites from WebClips. This allows multiple sites (not just homepage URL setting), but domains must be added to allowed domain list (or disable Domain Limiting). Custom URL format is “webframepro:”. When creating a WebClip, specify “Full Screen”. WebClips can be created with Apple Configurator 2 or any leading MDM.

Keyboard Hint Window (hold Command key to display)

Keyboard Hint Window (hold Command key to display)

Example WebClip created in Apple Configurator

Example WebClip created in Apple Configurator

New Look

Finally, we have updated the app icon and splash screen with a new theme we refer to as “Honeyglobe”. We hope you like the refreshed look:




WebFrame Pro



WebFrame and WebFrame Pro are both available now and you can get them here:

WebFrame Kiosk

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