Announcing WebFrame Pro


Following up from our successful launch of WebFrame Kiosk, we are pleased to announce WebFrame Pro Kiosk.

WebFrame Pro includes the same great features as WebFrame: Full screen browser, domain allow list, inactivity timer, configurable user experience, and more. In addition, WebFrame Pro is compatible with the AppConfig standard, which allows it to be remotely deployed and managed by over 20 leading enterprise mobility management (EMM) products including JAMF, VMware Workspace One, MobileIron, SOTI MobiControl, and many more.

WebFrame Pro is live on the App Store, and can also be deployed through Apple’s VPP or DEP programs.

For a demonstration of WebFrame Pro being deployed and configured by Soti MobiControl, please see the following video:


As of this post, WebFrame Pro supports the following configuration options:

  • com.wireframerate.webframepro.homepage_url (String): Kiosk homepage as a string. For example:

  • com.wireframerate.webframepro.domain_limiting_enabled (Bool): Limit navigation to a predefined list of allowed domains.

  • com.wireframerate.webframepro.domain_allowed_list (String): Comma-delimited string of domain names. For example:,,

  • com.wireframerate.webframepro.idle_timeout_enabled (Bool): Enable/disable the idle device timeout.

  • com.wireframerate.webframepro.idle_timeout_seconds (Integer): Number of seconds before an idle device reloads the homepage URL.

  • com.wireframerate.webframepro.clear_cache_enabled (Bool): Clears browser cache when the idle timer reloads the homepage URL.

  • com.wireframerate.webframepro.user_interaction_enabled (Bool): Enable/disable all user interaction.

  • com.wireframerate.webframepro.swipe_navigation_enabled (Bool): Enable/disable swipe gestures for browser back/forward.

  • com.wireframerate.webframepro.pull_to_refresh (Bool): Enable/disable pull-to-refresh gesture.

New functionality and corresponding settings will be added to WebFrame Pro over time. To stay up-to-date on the configuration key/value pairs, please see:

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